Soft Touch Cable Knit Melange Gray iPad Case View full size

Soft Touch Cable Knit Melange Gray iPad Case

Customized Buttons, Cords, Knitting Style; Soft & Wool Touch Fabric, Stylish! 2 Buttons, Vesuv Yarn, Knit iPad Case with Thick Cords

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♦ Your knit iPad case is ideal for casual (fancy) use, premium fan use and promotional use.

Vesuv Yarn: Soft & wool-like touch.

Wool-like appearance thanks to Vesuv yarn.

Customized buttons, knitting style.

♦ Available for embroidery, woven badge & knit patterns.

“Custom Production”: You can easily get this knit hat produced with the colors of your teams, organizations or own designs. Please refer to our yarn color catalogue for suitable yarn colors.

♦ All knitted cases can be produced as a set with the same patterned hats and beanies & scarves and gloves on request according to your designs.

♦ Suitable for men and women.

♦ Please consider, this knit hat can be knitted with maximum 3 different colored yarns side by side; right to left, left to right.

♦ Please don’t hesitate to ask about “different possibilities” such as “yarn types”, dimensions, patterns and accessories.


  • Yarn Type: Vesuv Blend (1st quality)
  • Knitting Style: Cable
  • Lining: No (can be lined with fleece on request)
  • Spandex: No
  • Buttons: 2
  • Dimensions(WxH): Can be knitted with different sizes on request
  • Weight (average): -
  • Gauge of Knitting Machine: 07
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees C max with soft programme or handwashing, don’t iron



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