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Soft Touch Melange Black Mix Knit Scarf

3D Strechy, Vivid Colored Knit Fashion Scarf with Chunky Rib & Cable Knitting

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♦ Ideal for casual(fashion) wear, also fan wear and promotional use.

Simple & Stylish Appearance: Vivid melange black and melange gray yarn, gray stripes on tips, woven label, rib knit body and cable knit tips, plump fabric.

Mix Knitting Style: Your knit scarf has been knitted with chunky ribbed and cable knit styles.

Plump Fabric: Thanks to multi-layered, special yarn your knit fashion scarf has plump body. As a result your knit scarf is thicker, warmer and better-looking.

♦ Thanks to inside Three-Dimensional, (3D) elastic PBT yarn this Knit Fashion Scarf is more stretchy.

PBT yarn provides you much comfortable and long lasting use. Your knit scarf does not deform easily.

♦ Your knit scarf has soft touch, flowing & vivid fabric thanks to PBT yarn inside.

♦ Both of the edge of tips are clean knit finished (without sewing & fringes).

♦ Keeps you warm in cold weather.

♦ Suitable for men and women.

“Custom Production”: You can easily get this knit scarf produced with the colors of your teams, organizations according to your own design. Please refer to our yarn color catalog for suitable yarn colors.

♦ All scarves can be produced as a “set” with the same patterned hat or/and gloves on request according to your designs.

♦ Please consider, this Knit Scarf can be knitted with maximum 3 different colored yarns side by side; right to left, left to right.

♦ Can be produced with wide range of embroideries, woven badges, print badges.

♦ Can be produced with different accessories such as pockets, boxes(gift, each individual), barcode cards and header cards.

♦ Please don’t hesitate to ask about “different possibilities” such as yarn types, patterns, dimensions, accessories. Please, refer to your customer representative.


  • Yarn Type: 90% Acrylic, 10% PBT (soft & strechy)
  • Knitting Style: Mix
  • Fringe: No
  • Layers: Single
  • Dimensions: 175 x 18 cm
  • Weight (average): -
  • Gauge of Knitting Machine: 7
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees C max, don’t iron


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